Find Your Zone
Find Your Zone is an event for undergraduate students looking find friends, community and connection. The event is hosted by York's RED Zone, who provide peer mentorship and transitional support. Attendees will have a chance to participate in team building activities, gaining support from peers to overcome challenges, and allowing a space for students to connect with others and make new connections! It will feature several student leaders who are involved in various organizations and how they made the best of their university career. Our goal is to have students feel more confident and knowledgeable and instill a sense of community!

York 101
York 101 is a summer pre-orientation session, allowing first-year undergraduate students to learn about campus life at York. These first year students will be paired with senior student leaders and discuss topics such as understanding university expectations, how to get involved on campus, orientation week and student finances. A Parent/Family session is also offered, covering how to support a student in their transition, maintain wellness for steps for success. This program is available for all first year undergraduate students and their family supports. For more information, click here.