HealthEd: Everything You Need To Know About THE ACTIVE LIVING CHALLENGE

From January 27th to February 14th, the Active Living Challenge will be combining tasks from the Canadian Physical Activity Guide and Canada’s Food Guide.  Here are all the steps you need to get started.

Step 1: Join the official YUconnect page to log hours and progress:

Step 2: Fill out a participant sign up form:

Step 3: Read the FAQ and official Rules documents:

Step 4: Track your physical activity hours:

Step 5:  Fill out Challenge stamp cards found at SC&LD, Tait Mckenzie fitness center, and Aramark dining locations. Step 6:  Enter completed Challenge stamp cards into ballot boxes for our grand prize draws for YorkU swag prizes, and more! pic1          

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: What counts as physical activity? In the nature of the active living challenge, the activity must be in the moderate-vigourous range for at least 10 minute intervals. Why do I need to sign up a buddy? As the exercise log is based on an honours system, providing your workout buddy’s information will allow Health Education and Promotion to legitimize the event. What do we win? There will be a total of 6 grand prizes, as well as other prizes. Prize information will be updated soon! For FAQ, as well as a breakdown of THE RULES in greater detail please check out both documents posted at: Main poster to print final (colour)