GET INVOLVED: York Is U is Hiring Coordinators for York's Birthday

We have students tweet us and stop by the booth all the time to ask how to get involved at York - well this is it! York's Birthday is always one of the most amazing York Is U events of the year. Here's your chance to volunteer as a coordinator so you can gain campus experience and meet some awesome York students. 1545744_10152105275752221_2076874673_n      

DETAILS: Event Lead: Sheila Shahrokhi

Event Date: March 26th 2014  

Posting Date: January 27rd 2014

Posting Expiry Date: Feburary 1st 2014  

Position Start Date (different from event date): Feburary 5th 2014

Position End Date: March 29th 2013  

Approx # of hours per week: 3 – 5 hours  

POSITIONS:   1. Internal Information Coordinator

  • Act on behalf of the Event Ambassador, to chair meetings/be in charge on the event day when the events ambassador is absent
  • Write and send out agenda items prior to each meeting and inform other members about the meeting time and location
  • Take minutes at meetings and send the minutes out to the team within 3 days of meeting
  • Liaise with the team and YU Communication team.

  2. Set Design and Layouts Coordinator

  • Integrate requirements such as research, budget and team ideas to develop set designs for the event
  • Present drawing and ideas to the team for feedback/approval
  • Selection of cost effective décor materials and decorations
  • Oversee the setup and teardown of decorations at events location(s) prior to event and on event day
  • Prepare instructions and guidelines to executive setup and teardown
  • Creative eye-catching and informative event banners

3. Operation Coordinator

  • Integrate theme, budget, research and team ideas to develop fun games and other attractions at main locations
  • Plan and set up the photo booth and facilitate its running (if applicable)
  • Facilitate the execution of party games and other attractions on the event day along with volunteers and the team
  • Assist with Red/White Day activities if necessary. Being on call in regards to flash-mob activities happening across campus.
  • Develop an efficient and cost effective distribution method for the cake and cupcakes
  • Research and present various flavors and designs of cake and cupcakes for approval from the team
  • Plan and facilitate the cake cutting ceremony according to guidelines
  • Coordinate with Set Designer over layout and other details

4. Glendon Campus Events Coordinator

  • Integrate main theme of the event in smaller scale in order to have a cost effective event at Glendon
  • Act as the main liaison between the team and GCSA
  • Plan cake cutting ceremony/cake distributions/other attractions at Glendon Campus in collaboration with GCSA.
  • Coordinate with Distributions Coordinator on logistics

5. Volunteer Coordinator

  • Create posting for recruiting volunteers for event day
  • Prepare “Thank You” packages for volunteers and performers
  • Develop efficient volunteer schedules including the amount necessary at each station, task lists and safety regulations
  • Communicate effectively with the team in term of estimating the number of volunteers-needed for pre-event and on event day.
  • Assist Entertainment Coordinator to contact various student organizations for the flash mob, *if applicable.
  • Integrate theme, budget and team ideas for volunteer costumes
  • Use various sources effectively to recruit enthusiastic volunteers

6. Finance Coordinator

  • Contact campus vendors regarding possible sponsorships
  • Prepare pre-event, post-events and updated budgets and communicate details to the team
  • Research on discount and promotions to assist with purchasing supplies
  • Collect reimbursement forms and assist the team with purchasing decisions and preparing financial documentations
  • *Duties will exceed event date as post-event will be necessary

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS    All applicants should provide:  1. a resume 2.  a cover letter   Special Considerations   1.Experience- At least one year of experience in event  planning is consider. 2.Internal Info Coordinator – should have experience in minute taking and other administrative duties (preparing agendas, note taking, scheduling, etc) 3.Glendon Campus Coordinator – preferable for Glendon students    

Email Sheila Shahrokhi at to apply!