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Making Friends At Orientation: “What if I don’t know anyone?”

One of the biggest questions that I hear from new students who are in the process of deciding whether or not to attend social orientation is the following:

“What if I don’t know anyone?”

When I first came to York, I asked the same question. I wondered whether I would make any friends, and I thought that it would just be easier to start classes and hang out with all the people I already knew from my hometown. But, after some encouragement by some upper year students I met at York’s RED Zone, I decided to attend orientation. I met tons of new people from all different programs, and it truly gave me the confidence and sense of belonging that I needed to start my undergrad off right.

It was most definitely the best decision I ever made.

However, you may need more convincing – here are some more stories from current York University students about their experience during orientation.

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Chris’ Top 5 Places To Look For Involvement Opportunities

You already know how to get started with your engagement journey here at York (and if you need a refresher, check out Monday’s blog post about YU Connect). But what is it exactly that you should get involved with while you’re here? What’s available for you here at York?

To put it briefly, the answer is a lot. Seriously. A lot. So much so that it's often quite difficult to decide.

Well, that has been my experience, at least.

But in that case, let me help you narrow it down by telling you all about my top 5 places to look for involvement opportunities. There are certainly more than five, but these definitely stand out for me.

5. Intramurals & Sport York

Media & Comm. Ambassador Morgan plays intramurals, too!

Media & Comm. Ambassador Morgan plays intramurals, too!

Do you love sports and/or being active? Well, this is a great place to look for involvement opportunities! Within the intramural program, there are 27 different sports available for you to play, and with the new registration system it's easier than ever to join a team (for free, by the way) with your college!

But even if you're not into intramurals, there are many opportunities to get involved within sport york! Volunteer at sports events, apply for jobs within Sport and Recreation (which is currently our campus' largest student employer), or get involved with your college's council or athletics council.


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After Orientation Ends – Being A York Community Member

As much as I hate to say it, O-Week doesn't last forever. And very soon, you will have attended all of your orientations (find out which ones to attend here), purchased all of your textbooks, notebooks, and pens, and gone to your first class.

But just because orientation is over, that doesn't mean the feeling of belonging to the York community should stop.

So how can you ensure that you are a part of the York community after orientation (and even for the rest of your time at York)? Well, when I was in my first year, I received some great advice from a RED Zone ambassador that has stuck with me, and it was only three short words:

Just Get Involved!

Keep Calm and Get Involved


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Which Orientations Should You Attend

Alright, you've made it this far. I can already tell that you're excited, and you want to find out more about how you can attend orientation.

But what if everything you knew about orientations was only a third of the truth? What if there is much more to just, simply, 'orientation?'

What if...there were three?


Yes, that's right. There are, in fact, THREE different orientations. And all are in place to help prepare you (and your family) for your upcoming journey to success here at York University.

But why three? 

Well, let me first tell you what each orientation is called, so that it might make a bit more sense. In no particular order, they are: Social Orientation (in the past called Frosh week, but commonly referred to today as O-Week), Making Connections (or Academic Orientation), and Family Orientation. 

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Updated on March 20th, 2014.