Do’s & Don’ts of O-Week: Messages from Current York Students & Alumni


I took to the twitterverse this week to look for some advice from students, staff, and alumni on the
Do’s & Don’ts of Orientation Week at York!

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O-Week Health and Safety 101

Orientation Week is a very long, exciting week of events. And since it is one hectic, crazy time, it’s important to remember to do all you can to make sure that you stay healthy and safe throughout the week. We are here to share some tips on how to make sure the fun never stops during O-Week!


The reason you get an awesome water bottle in your frosh kit is to ensure you are staying hydrated during O-Week. There are a lot of activities that can be exhausting, so always remember to keep your bottle full and continuously drink from it! :)


With all the activities of Orientation week, it’s important to keep yourself well fed. Make sure you find out when your college is providing you with food, and when you need to get food on your own. Also, packing snacks in your shoestring bag is a great way to keep your energy up!

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Orientation Events Explained

Hi Everyone!

Vanessa Pichelli here, one of SCLD’s Media & Communications Ambassadors! I am going to be blogging for you this week as part of the Orientation Blog Series!

You may have looked at your college’s Orientation Week schedule and wondered:

“What are these events?! What am I going to be doing?!”

Patience, young grasshopper. You will soon find that there will be a lot of awesome and fun stuff at O-Week, and your college’s schedule will be the only one of its kind (as it will be different from those of all the other colleges). However, although your college’s schedule will differ from others’, there are several college-wide events that you will have the opportunity to participate in.

“BUT WHAT ARE THEY?!” you ask once again. Well, to prevent you from having any more confusion about these events (or any more doubts about attending Orientation week), here are the details of some of the college-wide O-week events!

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What’s a ‘Frosh Kit’?

I’m sure that, by now, you’ve heard this term being thrown around quite a few times:

Frosh Kit.

Some of you may have even registered for Social Orientation and purchased yours already.

But what exactly is a ‘Frosh Kit’? What’s in it, and why is it important? These are some of the questions I’ll be trying to answer for you in this article.

What is a Frosh Kit?


Frosh Kits are put up for sale every year in preparation for Orientation Week. They are tote bags full of all the essentials for O-Week from your college, such as…

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